XMax V3 Pro


119 €

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TightVac MiniVac udržiava vaše bylinky čerstvé a neprepustí ani molekulu ich arómy
TightVac - MiniVac 0,12 L
6,75 € 9 €

Najlepší spôsob na uskladnenie vašich byliniek je originálny TightVac MiniVac! Po tom, čo doňho vložíte vaše bylinky a zavriete viečko, stlačte tlačidlo, pomocou ktorého z nádoby vytiahnete vzduch. Vaše bylinky teraz zostanú svieže a z MiniVac neunikne žiadny zápach. Pre otvorenie znova stlačte tlačidlo a odstráňte viečko.

TightVac MiniVac má obsah 0,12 L, pojme teda zhruba 10 až 30 gramov byliniek, v závislosti od ich hustoty. Vďaka inovatívnemu dizajnu je extrémne odolný, plne vzduchotesný a vodotesný.

Tento nástroj na miešanie z nedrzavejúcej ocele vyrába Arizer a hodí sa na miešanie alebo odstraňovanie byliniek z komory pri všetkých typoch vaporizérov.
Nástroj na miešanie z nehrdzavejúcej ocele
4,50 € 6 €

Tento Nástroj na miešanie z nehrdzavejúcej ocele vyrába značka Arizer a hodí sa na miešanie alebo odstraňovanie byliniek z komory pri všetkých typoch vaporizérov..

XMax V3 Pro - Filter Kit
XMax V3 Pro - Filter Kit
4,50 € 6 €

Does your XMax V3 Pro need a new filter? This Filter Kit is the perfect replacement. It's identical to the one that came with it and fits perfectly into place!

Intended for use with: XMax V3 Pro.

XMax V3 Pro - Metal Screen
XMax V3 Pro - Metal Screen
3 € 4 €

Get this Metal Screen for your XMax V3 Pro if you need to replace the one that came with your unit, or if you would like an extra. It's identical to what you originally got and will fit nicely into place.

XMax V3 Pro - Complete Mouthpiece
XMax V3 Pro - Mouthpiece Kit
7,50 € 10 €

Want a replacement for the whole top part of your XMax V3 Pro? Then this Complete Mouthpiece is what you are looking for. It's identical to the one that was included originally with your device, so it will fit perfectly!

Intended for use with: XMax V3 Pro.

XMax V3 Pro - Wax Cup
XMax V3 Pro - Wax Cup
3,75 € 5 €

The Wax Cup for the XMax V3 Pro is a great way to enjoy concentrates with your vape. Keep it clean so you can get pure and tasty hits every time, because nothing tastes as good as vapour from concentrate!

Intended for use with: XMax V3 Pro.

XMax V3 Pro - Plastic Mouthpiece
XMax V3 Pro - Plastic Mouthpiece
3,75 € 5 €

Want to replace just the XMax V3 Pro's mouthpiece or do you want a spare one? This Plastic Mouthpiece is identical to the included one. Perfect if you need an extra for hygienic reasons sharing it!

Intended for use with: XMax V3 Pro.

On Balance Champion je vrecková váha, ktorá odváži až 500g s presnosťou 0,01g
Vrecková váha - 1000 x 0,1 g
18,75 € 25 €

Originálna vrecková váha On Balance si aj po rokoch stále zachováva spoľahlivosť a presnosť. Perfektná pre váženie vašich byliniek a koncentrátov! Váha On Balance Champion váži až do 1000 gramov s presnosťou 0,1 gramu. Zmestí sa do väčšiny vreciek a môžete si ju zo sebou zobrať kdekoľvek!

Kapacita: 1000 g, 35,28 oz
Presnosť: 0,1 g, 0,01 oz
Jednotky: g, oz, dwt, ozt
Automatické vypnutie: 60 sekúnd
Batérie: 2x AAA batérie (pribalené)
Rozmery: 118 x 80 x 20 mm
Váha: 140 gramov


  • Latest version (2021.08)
  • On-demand vapour
  • Full convection heating
  • Heating up in 15 seconds
  • 100°C to 220°C temperature range
  • Isolated vapour path
  • Magnetic mouthpiece with scraping tool
  • Swappable 2600 mAh battery
  • Charging with USB-C
  • Wax cup for concentrates included

Who is the XMax V3 Pro for?

XMax designed the V3 Pro for people who want a budget-friendly, lightweight vape that is highly portable and discreet. The V3 Pro absolutely shines when it comes to portability which is perfect if you're outside a lot or just looking for something easy to handle in your hand or pocket.

The XMax V3 Pro is great for a variety of uses as it's highly versatile. The full convection heating combined with the fast heat-up time and easy-to-use interface, make this an excellent vape for most users.

On-demand convection vapour

New for this version of the XMax Pro is the on-demand mode. This mode only heats the herbs/concentrates for 30 seconds at a time. This reduces waste as you only heat the oven (0,15 g capacity) when you are using the vape. Though, if you prefer the oven to stay heated, you can always use the session mode instead (4 or 6 minutes).

As XMax V3 Pro is a convection vape, this means that the heat applied to the herbs/concentrates will be through hot air. This gives you a better flavour, more evenly vaped material, and more vapour when compared to conduction vapes that have direct contact with the material being vaped. After the vapour is produced, it’s then led through an isolated air path (no contact with electronics/metal) before reaching the mouthpiece.

Fast to heat up

The XMax V3 Pro is simple to use and you can quickly select the mode and the temperature from five temperature settings between 100°C and 220°C. You don’t have to wait long for it to heat, as it only takes 15 seconds to heat it up!

Pocket-friendly and discreet

Thanks to the compact size of the XMax V3 Pro, it's very pocket-friendly and lightweight making it easy to take with you outside. The discreet look of the unit makes it attractive for people who want a vape that they can quickly hide in their hand or bag when needed.

Not only for herbs

A wax cup is included with the XMax V3 Pro that you can use to vape concentrates such as waxes and oil. Simply add your concentrate to the cup, insert the cup into the vape, and then you are ready to vape. Note that when using concentrates in a vaporizer, you need to use higher temperatures than when vaping herbs.

Innovative mouthpiece

The magnetic mouthpiece is designed with a scraping tool to make cleaning and stirring easier. This heat-resistant plastic mouthpiece can be disassembled and deep cleaned, which helps prevent the build-up of residue.

Great battery

The XMax V3 Pro comes with a high-quality rechargeable, removable 18650 battery that allows you to vape for longer between charges. Each charge provides about 50 minutes of use. If you're looking for a vape you can take out on the town, this is going to be one of your best options.

USB-C charging

Another new thing with the V3 Pro is that it now has a USB-C charging port for ultra-fast charging. The unit will fully charge in around two hours from being completely drained.

Quality construction

The XMax V3 Pro has an aluminium body that is large and ensures just the right amount of heat reaches your product. It also features a ceramic heating chamber for better taste, as well as having precise temperature control to allow you to experiment with different strains. 

You can also find all relevant information such as set mode/temperature, current temperature, and battery status on the large 0.96” OLED display. The device itself measures 2,7 x 2,4 x 15,0 cm in size so it will fit nicely into any pocket or bag!

Easy to clean

To clean the XMax V3 Pro vaporizer after use just brush off the stainless-steel bowl and screens. If there is any build-up you can apply a cotton swab with some alcohol to it.

You can also remove the ceramic and stainless-steel vapor path to fully clean if residue gets stuck in it after using it for a long time.

What's the difference between XMax V2 Pro and V3 Pro?

The XMax V3 Pro is smaller than the original V2 with a smaller chamber and 80% shorter heat up time, but it can still fit enough for a session (0,15 g) so you don't need to keep packing and refilling. Another difference is the convection heating which means that the V3 Pro vape will get more out of your herbs.


All XMax V3 Pro vaporizers sold by MagicVaporizers, an authorized distributor of XMax, are completely authentic and backed by a 1-year warranty on the device and a 6-month warranty on the battery.

Používateľský manuál

XMax V3 Pro


  • XMax V3 Pro Vaporizer
  • Wax Cup
  • USB-C Cable
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Alcohol Cotton Pads (4)
  • Cotton Swabs (3)
  • Instruction Manual
XMax V3 Pro


Viac informácií
Rozmery: 2,7 x 2,4 x 15,0 cm
Váha: 107 g
Nahrievanie: Convection
Čas nahrievania: 15 seconds
Zdroj energie: Battery (2600 mAh)
Teplota: 100°C to 220°C
Výrobca: XMax
Záruka: 1 year
Krajina výroby: China
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